Outsourcing Staffing

We dispatch our staff and allow them to work directly under your commands.

Outsourcing staffing is a service that can be taken advantage of efficiently with the ability to flexibly quickly deploy resources only when needed. There are various forms of employment such as contract employees and part-time, and we will conduct business under your command. In addition, we can scale for an increase in the number of staff from new start-ups and busy season. Plant operators, translators, and security secretaries, Thai technical intern trainees dispatched to Japan and workers in neighboring countries in a wide range of industries can also be carefully selected and dispatched to various locations.

We also tailor to various situations such as increasing the number staff for new start-ups and busy season.

We also work with dispatches to Japan for technical interns.

By dispatching Cambodian talents to Japan, they can learn through labor in Japan.
It is a workers’ development project of the order to be able to contribute to the industrial activities in Cambodia.

Dispatches of neighboring countries workers such as Thailand is also possible.

Neighboring countries workers will be to dispatch to Cambodia, we can expect improvement and transcend national bounds in search for technical capabilities to support the two countries' development.

Merit of dispatch services


Rational management


Production efficiency improvement


Quick correspondence

Customers can decrease employment problems in times at expansion and shrink of business and realize rational management by dispatching during busy seasons.

Customers can improve production efficiency, enabling customers to flexibly deploy human resource based on customers' production plan, the time to launch a new project and recruitment during busy seasons.

With our own networks, We quickly select a needed personnel from rich human resources.