Management commission

On behalf of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department, customers contract and labor management and dormitory and company housing management business.

Management commission business is customer’s contract and labor management and dormitory and company housing management business on behalf of the Human Resources and General Affairs Department.Our business is ranging from making a recruiting plan to support for Re-employment, and we provide suggestion to meet needs of customers.
We have a full knowledge and know-how from our years of experiences, and have been supported by many customers since our beginning.

By reducing work such as labor management,customers can focus on core business.

Training support for local executive trainees

In order to train executive trainees leading the next generation, we heighten ability of management and communication skills, and provide training programs to establish reliability.

Merit of dispatch services


On behalf of anything related to recruitment.
We provide services ranging from making a recruitment plan to providing job offers and conducting interviews.

Preparation for new staffs

We provide services for new staffs to work a temporary post from their family and support them.

Daily support

We consult with staffs about demands and needs, and furthermore, conduct mental care service.

Transportation management

We provide transportation management services such as preparing for vehicles, arranging driving roots, and also pick up staffs from work places to houses.

Office work

We manage attendance and absence, calculate salary, and the year-end tax adjustment on behalf of customers.


In case a trouble occurs to staff, we smoothly deal with it. Furthermore, we also cope with troubles related to labor and daily troubles.

Contract management

We manage contracts on employment, rent and lease.

Re-employment support and retirement procedure

We deal with a variety of procedures related to separation from employment and support re-employment.

Business consignment management merit


Cost reduction


Avoiding and dealing with troubles


Concentration on core business

Since we provide proper services to meet customer’s needs and demands, customers can prospect to reduce costs in fields of human resource, pickup and apartments.

We help avoiding troubles though staff coaching and mental care and promptly deal with troubles.

Customers do not have to hire staffs for management business and can reduce the amount of business. From the result, customers can focus on core business.